Hennessy Artistry Party!!!

Okay… after party high…

You know what’s the best part about being at the best party?


It’s when you realise you and a crack team of events, creative and servicing personnel are the ones behind one of the best parties organised for the year!

Yup, I am talking about the Hennessy Artistry party which just happened a week ago.

Organising the event was a mean feat… worrying about the different areas,

"Will there be any parking problems?"
"Will there be a long queue at registration?"
"Are there gonna be fights?"
"Will the drinks be served fast enough?"
"Is the music good enough"
"Will the power (from our gen sets) be good the whole night?"
"Will the authorities shut down the party?"

and the list goes on to several tens of pages… 🙂

Yup, it was a roller coaster ride which ended up on a real high, right up to a few days after the event.. when the reviews started coming in.  You read it for yourself… then enjoy the pictures below..

Good reviews all round… from media, bloggers, the security team, local authorities, the venue, celebs who came, the performers themselves to our client!  To feel any better, I would be drinking the Hennessy cocktails on a nightly basis… hehehe.

Damn proud of the team! Spiral Integrated…

Now… next.. gotta start planning for the next events!!!

“This is by far one of the BEST clubbing event I have been to in KL!! To those who didn’t make it – you guys missed one hell of a party!! Great job Hennessy!! You guys have really outdone yourselves!!”

Ooh, Hennessy Artistry was rockin’ yo! 😀 Everything about the night was close to perfect. The crowd, the venue, the drinks yum yum wtf, the music!”

Hennessy Artistry was awesome!”

“Last Saturday I went to the best Hennessy Artistry event yet.”

“I couldn’t quite believe how her team transformed the place … wow!”

“Hennessy Artistry last night was a blast.”

“But there’s nothing, not a single one as fabulous as Hennessy Artistry 2008!!!”

“As i’ve said Hennessy Artistry RAWKS!!!
It’s a happening event and its so cool and generous for the sponsors to organize such HUGE AMAZING HAPPENING event!!!”


“…this place took my breath away, Hennessy did an awesome job. It was the urban club that looked like a transformed warehouse,…”

“Super cool settings and fantastic atmosphere in the indoor arena.”

“It was awesome! Great environment with the live performances by Pop Shuvit, Machi, DJ Latin Prince, Flo Rida and VJ Callen.”

“We walked into the Kiara Equestrian Club. THe mood for partying was awsome… Registration was quick and swift, hence no long que… After the nite end around 3 am , I have only one Verdict! HENNESSY! U ROCK!”

“Hi all! I’ve had a crazy night!”

“overall it was such an amazing event, all thanks to hennessy and the amount of $$$ they threw in for the party.. they even supply h2o right after our exit..”

“When i arrived at the Bukit Kiara Indoor Stadium looking from the outside..i went like WOW!! SO BIGG!!”

“Wooooohooooo~! it was awesome…. hennessy found the right people to handle this event… it is a total success”

“It’s getting bigger and bigger.”

“Hennessy Artistry has come and gone, the party was great, the performances was great and the drinks was excellent”

“ Just came home from the Hennessy Artistry event and OMG it’s uber funnn!!!I’m still experiencing the after party high.”

“Thumbs up for the event organizers of Hennessy Artistry Event…”

rock the show !”


“I expected the event to be good. However I was DISAPPOINTED! The event was not good but TOO DAMN GOOD!!”

HA (3)

A total transformation!

HA (15)

HA (29)

HA (33)

HA (9) HA (12) HA (16)

HA (32) HA (11) HA (4)
Melody of Machi… the Belle of the show!
HA (28) HA (13) HA (10)

HA (6)

Pop Shuvit.. were a great hit!
HA (23)

Even Utt and Taya from MTV decided to show up on stage…
HA (17) 

The entrance to another realm of entertainment!
HA (19)

HA (27) 

Machi from Taiwan shakin it!
HA (24) 

HA (7)

Royalty in ‘da house!!!… DJ Latin Prince…
HA (14) 

HA (30) 

Flo Rida in his Element!
HA (21) 

Just bein’ happy it went well..
HA (26)

The Team that did it all!
HA (2)

HA (5)

This was the CREW!!!
HA (8) 

Yes, smiling faces all the way through.
HA (31)