Celeb Watch : Isla Fisher

I just watched Definately, Maybe, a movie about a man (played by Ryan Reynolds) and his daughter and how he is asked to tell the story of his love life.  The show’s charmer was the little girl (Abigail Breslin).  Was definately a tear jerking moment when she cried.

85 However, I wanted to refer back to a stunner in the show, Isla Fisher (wife of Sacha Baron Cohen).  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  She played a lovely redhead who kept on stealing moments in the show with her charming smile.

I also just found out that she’s Australian too.  Hmmm, I begin to wonder of all of Australia’s export of beauty are meant to be good looking (eg. Nicole Kidman, Anna Paquin).  Well, she’s certainly an actress to watch out for on future roles.

isla_fisher_2 20071119-isla-fisher-2 isla-fisher-picture-2