My Brass Band is Playing all Sorts of Jibberish Again

I’m in one of those mood again… well the one where you feel like nothing around you is happening quite right.  It has to do with jobs and tasks.  I usually try to start Monday with a cheerful smile and a upbeat disposition… Well, this morning started at 6:00am with me hitting the snooze button a couple of times of my handphone alarm wishing that there were a few more minutes of peace and quiet sleep.  But, alas, there was my notebook computer sitting on the desk of my study room beckoning me to finish some work I was suppose to have done over the weekend for an early meeting at my client’s…


*sigh again*

My weekends were once sacred.  The clearing of tasks before the end of a Friday evening was usually done in urgency, but nowadays the glass of water seems to always be full even right up to the end.  Gulping it down doesn’t seem to be quite an easy solution anymore. 

Though I made it a point to clear my thoughts of work during a Saturday or Sunday which is usually meant for rejuvenating, I can’t help getting thoughts of the impending torrents of work that is expected to come flooding in (brought on by the tipping over of the "full-glass" hehehe…)  Can’t seem to keep my head clear.

So, then comes today, a Monday where everything seems to be just half completed. 

Multi-tasking, you say?

Yeah, right…

Honestly, that term should actually come with an instruction manual!  I guess it’s the bane of many self-respecting intellectual individuals.  To spread your focus across as many things as you think your mind can handle. 

One may be mistaken by thinking that it’s a skill to handle many task at the same time, but I believe in honest truth that it’s about how you switch your focus from one subject to another seamlessly and without affecting your rhythm.

So, today, my rhythm has started off sounding like a beginner brass band on the first day of band practice! 

Hmm…. *sigh*

"Ok ok now… everyone, let’s split the band up into smaller groups so we can focus on each particular areas and get our task done!"

Hmm… focus!

*Kenny starts to meditate like a Zen Guru… the fool!"