New Legs for My Love

My car got new legs today.  A set of shiny chrome 18" rims.  Honestly, I almost put off doing this but then the thought lingered.  It didn’t take much to tip me over with my colleague, Sly convincing me that it was the right thing to do.  I guess the argument was sound…  either I do it now or it will be an indefinite wait till who knows when!


So, "switching-off" my rational thoughts, I went with what my heart desired… an opportunity to make my car different from any out there.  I guess that’s one of the prime deciders which people who loves their car goes to when they take the effort to do it up!

I must admit, the youngster in me had quite a bit to do with it.  Here I am with many who call an old-man’s car (hmm… more so for the previous generations, this new one is a far cry away!), but transformations that may seem slight to put it in another category altogether (ie. its white! with a body-kit that is subtle enough to do justice to the car’s original elegance but yet define the deeper persona of a young heart, and most importantly, shining new wheels that just screams style…) Hehehe, I ought to be modest, but I just couldn’t help feeling proud.

P1080711 P1080710

Anyway, I chose the 18" Work Euroline DH rim design (produced by EXE Pegasus) with Falken 912 tyres.  I had chosen from almost a hundred rims and this one just screamed at me to put it on. 

The back tyres is offset, different from the front, a design trick which makes the car look like a sports car with larger back tyres.  I hadn’t noticed that earlier but realised that it was a really cool design, a unique one at that!

The investment was substantial but a well-worth one considering the status of the car and it’s now new looks (great legs gets good head-turning… hehehe).