Golfing in a Little Piece of Paradise


This morning in Bali, we woke up early in the wee hours of the morning and made our way to Bali’s New Kuta Golf course.  A beautiful 18-hole course that overlooks the best beaches and high cliff sceneries of Bali’s shores.  Oh and we, I meant by the 4 of us, Kenneth, Sly and Alex.

golfinbali02It felt like somewhere between Augusta and St Andrews, without the weather of course… A little piece of golf real estate that has yet to be fully discovered.  Somehow, I felt that when it does get discovered, I’d be playing golf seriously!!!

golfinbali01 Well, one of the highlights of the game was the beautiful caddies that we had accompanying us.  Hmm… good experience, having pretty girls helping you at golf and running around trying to make sure you were properly taken cared off… hehehe.  Well, I started off with an early nervous disposition due to the embarrassment for my bad golf… Anyway, that gradually went away as we soon relaxed after the first 9 and started to joke around.

This picture was taken at the "Bunker Hell", the 6th-Hole that was surrounded by an entire circle of sand

Golfing was great here.  Though the sun was aplenty, the cooling sea breeze blew over the whole place.  So, we did not feel overly tired.  That’s of course also due to the golf cart we had available…

Well, I’ll leave you with the shot of the day at the New Kuta Golf Course…