My Beautiful Clouds featured on the front page of Shutterstock!

So I was minding my own business, going about my daily, online routine of checking on my regular updates when it occured to me that I hadn’t been checking on my shutterstock status. (Well, I told myself previously that I would just let the stock image companies sell my images with minimal supervision)

When I looked at my account.. I was surprised! There was a sudden surge of sales and my earnings doubled… And when I had a look at the details closely, I realised there were multiples of downloads just from this particular image. At first I thought it was a technical glitch and went to the front page to check the help links… and lo and behold, there was my image in full glory… hehehe…

I wish they would feature my other shots just like this as well… Anyway, this shot happens to be one of my favourite pictures, shot 4 years ago, “Silver Living in the Clouds” and has been featured in many of my previous writeups and editorials.

That surge of sales just from that photo alone earned me the approximate of a dinner at Shangri La… mmpph… gotta tell the wife the good news.. 😉