I am back to writing articles!

After almost an 8 months of absence from writing articles for a couple of my favourite photography/lifestyle magazine, I was beginning to have finger twitches. I guess that’s a writer’s withdrawal symptom. I use to enjoy waiting for the first copies of the magazine to hit the shelf and then sitting down with a Starbucks latte in one hand while reviewing what I have written in the other.

That leave of absence was really due to not being able to commit my time (and basically not having a LIFE, outside of work… apart from family life of course…).

So, today I received a call from an old friend, editor of Click! magazine. It was more than just a courtesy call… March’s issue will be out soon and he wanted to know if I was in… How could I say no, when I ‘walked’ away 8 months ago and missed every moment that I was away.

So, it’s crunch time this weekend till the mag hits the rollers next week. If you guys catch this, be on the look-out for my two current articles in March’s issue of Click!

1) Dodging and Burning for Digital Enhancement; &
2) “Yes you Can” mini-series…

Now… off to writing!