Hongkee Cowtueeer is here…

This morning makan at Prince Café… in Metro Prima near Kepong. Guys for those of you young at heart and typical Hongkee fan, if you don’t know where is Metro Prima is, you will want to know by the end of this blog entry. This place, conveniently located near where I stay has begun mushrooming with all sorts of “char chan teng”, food outlets catering to the very much young Hongkee loving crowd.

Was just there last night as we stopped at a little “tong sui” shop serving icy delights. We dived into a couple of shaved ice mango and strawberry and cheese concoction. Definitely taste better than it sounds.

But, you know the typical Hongkee mix of oriental food trying to climb up a notch by reinventing itself with western favourites..? Well, it’s everywhere here!

For Sunday brunch, we ended up at Prince Café (Bistro opens at night) and had our typical Hongkee meal.

There’s my favourite milky ice tea!

And then the wonderful aroma of pork chop burger… chu pa pao… (did I spell it right?) Almost as good as Kim Gary’s but just lacking in some secret ingredient for that magic..

And thick toast curry, which wasn’t that hot because it was too hot and spicy and salty!… J

Anyway, they have regular shows (like these Sunboyz… they are not from Sunway are they?… mpph…) , which I think should be like their outlet in SS2. Never been to that one before, wouldn’t know…

Mmpph… honestly, I have come to enjoy the Hongkee coutueeer… I guess what I like about it is the feeling of being at a foreign place yet the experience is right on our doorsteps. (and near our homes). You kind of feel “young” when you are surrounded by these teenagers (who seem to have all the time in the world to work and hang out at places like these)

I really do suggest you all drop by and have a look for itself. If I am feeling particularly generous, call me and the meal would be on me!

I survived till Friday… but there’s more!

Okay I survived till Friday… This whole week was going through a freakish roller coaster hell.  I almost didn’t know which way was up, whether it’s day or night.  Yes that’s how it was.


How do you purge your brain of useless info to keep?  At least mentally throw them into a big mega box of memory, seal it, lock it up, AIRTIGHT, to make sure none of it leaks out, and then start collecting pleasurable memories.



At least Chinese New Year is coming…


Perhaps I should just think of it like being dumped on a deserted island… suffer… suffer… suffer…  At the end of it all when you manage to get back to civilisation, everything seems like a hundred times better.


So, the CNY holidays should be extra special this year.


Well, the roller coaster hell is not over yet… another high one to go… another week.  Tomorrow, Sat and Sun need to work.  Got a presentation on Monday, proposal submission on Tuesday, and a trip to Singapore to present a proposal on Thu…


Goodness… let the fun continue!!!

Behind the Wheels of the Toyota Camry

Ooh… few things make me melt like a little boy getting a new bicycle with the prospect of riding it proudly around, polishing it and making sure it’s scratchless…

Well today, I revisited the feeling.

We drove down to the Toyota dealership today for a little treat. Perhaps it was for me but, Winnie and Celeste would be enjoying it just as well ;-). Okay, so on this nice sunny Sunday, we had to check out the Toyota Camry.

It was a mind boggling 2 months for us as we looked around at some vehicles finding a good upgrade and replacement to our current ride. We had tried out the new CRV, the good-looking Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda Civic, Mazda 6 series and the like… but each had it’s own flaws. Main consideration was price. Most were too expensive, not worth the value, resale value and ultimately, we don’t feel right about a couple…

Anyway, so back to the Camry. It’s a wonderful piece of machinery. I had been mesmerised by it last year when it first appeared. Has a bit of a Lexus appeal to it plus the plush interior is very promising. Winnie’s always wanted an SUV, but then again the outlook of this car is definately worth the trade off. Leather seats, quality wood trimmings and chromes at just the right places.

It’s confidence enough when you find out that the car has a waiting list of about 5 months. Yup, that’s how long we will have to wait… So, we were also taken on a test drive. Aha… behind the wheels, the Camry felt effortless. I was expecting the sluggish feel of the steering as Toyota’s electronic steering has been known to dampen the feel of the ride down to the steering to ensure a soft and comfortable ride. However, that was not the case. I spun the car around in the service bay and true enough, the car gave a good feedback just like how a smaller car would.

Acceleration was just great. Considering I’ve never owned a 2.0 car or higher, you won’t want to quote me by that. Anyway, the engine is very silent due to the excellent sound proofing and firewall. Just like the generation of Camry I drove 8 years ago, I really am impressed by the sound level. You almost could not hear the engine if you have the radio on.

Okay, okay, gathered I am not talking about the most luxurious car or a continental, European beauty, but having the honour of owning a car which I had told myself 8 years ago that I was going to have one is something of a sentimental affair.

So, the result at the end…?

…booking the new edition Pearl White 2.0G version, with sporty aerokit…

…but will have a 5 months wait till I can touch it…

Celeste Birthday Party & Open House : The Pics!

Ah… Celeste is 3 years old now. We organised her brithday celebration on Sunday and it was a blast. It really was a small affair with a couple of our mutual colleagues, Celeste’s nanny and relatives as well as a couple of neighbours.

It was extra special this year as we celebrated the completion of our new house renovations. Nothing really big scale but I was just glad that it was all done.

Some of you may wonder… “hey, how come I did not get invited?” Well, fret not… that’s due to us not wanting everyone to end up in an uncomfortable situation of cramming into small areas and having to stand throughout the evening. I guess for future parties in our house, 20 to 25 ppl max would be the best without having to get extra tables or chairs…

Well, Chinese New Year is just around the corner and yup, EVERYONE is invited to visit us… That makes you, if you are reading this.

This is gonna be a great year! 🙂

Celeste Birthday Party & Open House Celebrations!!!!

Ah… sigh… on Sunday, we’d be celebrating Celeste’s 3rd Birthday party cum our open house party! Mmpph… got mixed feelings.

Though I am extremely happy we finally have the space to celebrate a birthday party in our very own home, I would have liked to have more things done for our house before the “grand” revealing… Hehehe… Anyway, perhaps I shouldn’t be thinking like this. You can never be satisfied of the good things in life. Our house should be ready as it’s gonna get for any occasions we celebrate in it, because it does take time to grow as a “home”.

This time round, our friends may see it as it is, the next round, there will be new things to see. Now, if I can just keep thinking like that till then… hehehe…

Anyway, I’m gonna do the little, little parties at stages, first round with a couple of colleagues and Celeste’s nanny and friends… next round some more friends, till we get to Chinese New Year, where we’ll invite ALL to come.


I still gotta work tomorrow… the job’s what’s gotten us here, so really no complaints 😉

*Hope my MD catches a glimp of this feeble attempt at showing our appreciation… oh well, I’ll save it for my speech this Sun…* 😛

Checking Out Singapore Airport : Terminal 3

So, I had a business trip to Singapore today to meet a client of mine. Having checked-in to the airline counter, I was informed that we would be embarking at the new terminal 3 of Singapore Airport.

Since when did Singapore upgraded its airport? Hadn’t heard anything about it or perhaps I was mindlessly clueless in my little world here. Anyways, I thought that was cool. Another thing to check out in this metropolitan city.

So, just barely 2 days after its opening on the 9th of January, we flew in on Singapore Airlines and landed at a welcome sight, greeted by a new aerobridge which connects to the terminal building. My clickity clackity steps on the initial marble floor was immediately replaced by soft steps on thick luxurious carpet.

Now for any airport out there thinking about renovating, that’s HOW you make your airport comfortable. I did not think the colour scheme of simple grey and black stripes work very well, but it still beat any of the other many “cold” airport which I’ve been to.

Anyways, contemporary use of fonts and minimalism, suddenly seems to be curiously cosy here. With the shops designed to be larger that your normal “stall-like” size in many other airport retail lounges, the ambience presents one of the interior of a shopping mall.

In fact, I do think for this fact alone, may arise multiple incidents of people forgetting they are in an airport and that they suppose to be boarding their flights!

Anyway, the designs are top class. The ceiling design did remind me a little about the louvered external facade of the Singapore Philharmonic hall, the “Durian”. Of course if that was to be done on purpose, then kudos for consistent “Singaporean” designs… 😉

Though it’s new and grand in personality, Terminal 3 is nowhere near the size and trafifc that aiports like Icheon in Korea and Hong Kong. But, perhaps this fact also helps to focus in on quality rather than of mass retail outlets without any proper planning.

Let’s see if any other regional airport would be willing to up the ante after this lesson in putting together the right airport retail formula… 😉

My Favourite Photo Revisited : Eastern Reflections

Eastern Reflections
Originally uploaded by Kenji Images

This is my favourite photo. If you have been to my Flickr or Photo.Net galleries, you will know I treat this photo with high regards and is extremely proud to show it off.

A short story behind this photo is that I had actually captured this photo without any prior photography planning. It was during a trip of ours to Brunei when Winnie was pregnant with Celeste, so we were sightseeing. At one point we visited this place and I took some pictures from other angles around the mosque. Then we got into the car to leave. As we turned one corner driving away, I happen to turn around and look… and I shouted “Stop the car…”

Got out to the fence across from this scene, and took the picture as the sun was setting. The best part was, I had the thought of changing my picture format from JPG to RAW (which is like a digital negative and allows you more allowance in editing the picture). SO SO glad I did this…

The sun was just setting in the horizon, some patches of clouds looming the sky. And the end, I captured magic… a perfect moment.

😉 This is what photography is all about… catching the big fish, getting a hole in one..

This photo is currently my best selling image on ShutterStock.
Honoured with the Best Architectural Photo Competition on PhotoMalaysia.
A number of mini group awards on Flickr.
Plus, Photo.Net’s Top Photo Gallery (Page 1) entry.

This was taken in November 2004.

Samsung Printer: Glossy as a Piano?


Mmppphh, I just bumped into this on Samsung’s web. What caught me was the fact that this is perhaps the most premium positioning for a printer… I mean my very first thought was how much more premium can you get with a printer.

Monochrome Laser printer…


But, then the more I looked at it, the more I felt compelled to own one. Not that I’ve already got enough items with glossy surface (some more BLACK) to collect dust on in my house.

Then again, I don’t think dust will be the only thing that I would be concerned about… I imagine myself pulling my hair out with the frustration on forever getting my grubby, oily finger prints on the surface of the piano finished, gloss…

Seriously, however… it is a beautiful printer. And it’s a unique positioning for a product which before where treated very much as a tool rather than a piece of talking point and decor. If any of my Samsung client read this, please note that I have redeemed myself with that statement… 😉

Now I need to look out for this one… backing up my blog on hardcopies has never been CLASSIER!!! 😛

My New Muse … Music!

Since getting my new Ipod and working on these new “music” related project for my job… I terribly hooked to this new “interest”.

Been sorting out my music collection and genre for a couple of days now.

Now I’ve got “cute” little playlists that goes…

Kenji Popping (that’s for pop music)
Kenji Feeling Boyish (for boy band and girl band stuffs… !!!???)
Kenji Alert (when I need to stay awake at work!)
Kenji in Love (you know what that is right?…)
Kenji Latino (wow… where do I come up with those names?)
Kenji Lounging…
Kenji @ The Cafe
Kenji Dancing

err…. someone just STOP me if I start sounding a bit gay!… damn…

Okay, that music mixing thing which I have been trying out earlier to do mix up some club anthems, that’s still in the works. Once I come out of my hiding with that, it’s gonna be here.

(you know lah… need time to prepare myself for the snide remarks, sniggers and the embarrasing silence of no one wanting to say anything about it…)

Okay, now that I’ve successfully lowered your expectations on this matter, I shall feel slightly at ease in my journey to make a fool of myself here.