Can World’s Strongest Dad

This video made me cry.

Can World’s Strongest Dad

Nothing says it more than to see a father’s love for his son as much as this. Both Rick and Dick Hoyt is an inspiration to families all around. The lyrics to the song for this video “I can only imagine” describes their life so well.

Well, I’ll keep these thoughts close to my heart and try to achieve even a little of what this amazing pair has done!

Work on Our New Home

Day by day as we visit our new home (once in the morning before work and once in the evening after), I just get so excited to see the progress of the work on the house. Winnie’s dad really put in quite a big amount of work trying to get things ready for us as soon as possible. Though we asked him not to hurry, but I guess he knew how excited we were.

Yesterday, work on the laminated wooden flooring for upstairs started. It’s gonna be covering every bedroom, staircase and even the bedroom downstairs. Makes you just wanna sit down on the floor!

New Samsung LCD TV

A new Samsung LCD TV for our new house! Can’t wait… Getting an excellent deal from Samsung, considering we’ve been doing so many of their launches so far, I’m not surprised, we got a great deal for this. In addition to the LCD TV, I’ve asked for them to throw in a Samsung Home Theatre system too. But, it’s not as glamourous as it sounds. Just a basic Home Theatre system.

Aiyah… not necessary to get expensive wan! Save money mah…

Well, all this while I’ve been using an Altec Lansing computer speakers with subwoofer as a home theatre system, I think it’s about time I moved on!

Samsung ULTRA II Handphone Launch

Just completed the launch for the Samsung Ultra II event at Shook! Starhill. Really tired, I crashed out right after the launch. Another successful event. There were a few glitches in the event with the projection and sound system. It’s difficult when you are dealing with elements which you can’t control in an event.
But, I am quite pleased with the fact that the backdrop stayed very near the original design which I had at first haphazardly put together while we were busy with another Samsung event the Samsung AV Roadshow. The design you see below was done for the Skybar at Traders Hotel, KLCC.

Working with Stephanie Chai

Had the pleasure of working with Stephanie Chai on the Ultra II Launch. She was the Master of Ceremony for the event. She was wonderful to work with. You know those sort of people where you know you can just clique with? Well, we struck off on the very first note. It was all humour with her and no matter the situation we managed to put in a joke or two just to keep things light.

Mmpphh… in person, she looks much younger than her photoshoot. Cute too. Err… I hope she don’t happen to pop by my blog to hear my say this, but then again, I’m just on a long line of people to be saying this!

New House

Hey, it has certainly been a while, right? You guys know how it is. Coming and going… Well, let’s talk about now! A new house is on the way. Renovations for our home just started yesterday. Talk about doing things last minute. We applied for our electricity and water on Monday. A bunch of bricks, a pile of sand and stones got delivered yesterday. Today, the electricity was installed and turned on, and all the cornices for my home was delivered. *sigh* At least it’s finally coming together!

What you see on the right is the front of the house. That’s as much as I’ll put for now. Not to spoil the surprise lah… 🙂

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