New Lens : Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-f4.5

Alright! I’ve sold off my Canon EOS 30, Sigma 18-125mm, and Canon EF24-85mm for a total sum of = enough money to buy a sharp Sigma 17-70mm. It was my first idea to get a 17-40mm f4 L lens but I’ve weighed both the pros and cons… I could do with the additional 30mm. The magical number which bridges across to meet my 70-200mm f4 L lens!

Despite the aperture not being constant, it features a f2.8 at the widest, better than the 17-40mm’s f4! And if I had the 17-70mm’s focal length at 40mm, I bet I could get at least an f4, on par with the 17-40mm.

I’ll just have to face the fact that the 17-40mm is still the sharper lens, but what the heck the 17-70mm is damn sharp too! I guess it’s like comparing a samurai sword and a razor blade. Though I may not shave myself with a samurai sword, both cuts like nobody’s business… hehehe.

And btw, the 17-40mm retails for RM2100 (second hand) and the 17-70mm at RM1300 (new). So, no more questions I guess…

In addition to this, I’m selling off my Canon 420EX flash, faithful but lacking somewhat in customisable features. And the overpriced 580EX is on the way… Well, what got the ball rolling for this was the fact that I visited Digicolor and wonderful shop which sells cheap China-made accesories and bought a transmitter and receiver for my flash and was instantly hooked when I tried it on my camera. Instant magic. Can’t wait to try out some more. But the 420Ex didn’t allow me to change the f stop settings…


  1. I supposed u’ve received your Speedlite 580ex by now? How do you rate it?

    Currently I’m using 420ex (and some1 has offered to buy it from me) but kinda sayang to sell coz it can be slave flash – m also thinking of getting 580ex.

  2. It’s the most powerful proprietry flash. Even compared to the Nikon SB800. and much more expensive too for RM1,600. But, it’s one of my best purchase. On dummy mode, it performs flawlessly. And on manual mode, the lighting options are limitless.

    To tell you the truth, I’d sell the 420EX (which I did with mine) simply because I can’t change the settings manually. You can sell the 420EX for RM450 and then buy 1 or 2 Nikon SB26 for RM350 each. That flash is fully customisable manually and you can buy cheap china made radio triggers sets for RM100 to trigger them.

  3. how’s the sigma 17-70 lens?i’m actually planning to get a 17-40 L canon lens until i saw ur post…do you have any sample pictures?

  4. Hey… that’s interesting – to combine 580ex and Nikon’s SB26 (as slave). I know Ted rave on his SB26. I wont mind parting with my 420ex as I hv ready buyers.

    Care to explain further on the combo 580ex + Nikon Speelights (doesnt matter of the model?). No articles on this yet on isnt it? *hint*hint*