Jasmine and Chee Hong’s Wedding Shoot

Whew… just completed a 2 day wedding shoot over the weekend. It was Jasmine and Chee Hong’s wedding shoot. Included church ceremony on Saturday, a formal shoot at the Shangrila on Sunday morning and a dinner reception in the evening.

What made this shoot extra interesting was the fact that the bride and groom had decided not to do a formal wedding studio shoot and took on the services of myself and fellow photographer Vignesh to do a formal shoot on Sunday morning.

Those of you who know me, knows that I specialise in event photography and not portraiture. So, it was an extreme surprise even to myself as to how well the pictures turned out. I know I’m not suppose to expose the pics before the bride and groom had their share of the surprise but 2 pictures as a little sneak peak shouldn’t hurt.

Father’s Day

Brought Dad to a nice little restaurant called “Mum’s Place” in Damansara Perdana for dinner. Mpph.. a real double celebration seeing as I’m a father as well… hehehe.. Dad arrived today from Miri just in time for this nice occasion.

Why does it always rain when you are having fun?!

This is like the third time I’ve happily packed my camera and lens and driven out on a bright sun shining afternoon in excited anticipation to take some beatiful pictures at the park. When I get there, take out my camera, the lighting and thunder starts not unlike a calling from the sky of an impending doom!


Okay first it was my balcony on Friday evening, then the Bird Park on Saturday, lastly at the Tugu Negara monument on Sunday. It’s not even the freakin’ monsoon season…


My 70-200mm f4 L Lens

Look at that background blur…

Pretty impressive considering it’s only bounce flash illumination.

After getting the lens I kept thinking whether I should have gotten the EF 75-300mm f3.5-5.6 USM IS lens.

Weighing the pros and cons…

My 70-200mm f4 L Lens

  • It’s an L Lens meaning professional quality (red striped)
  • It’s white (may be a con too cause will get too much attention if you are at a low profile event…)
  • Sharpness simply excellent
  • Solidly built


  • f/4 meaning slow (but only by one stop)
  • mmpph… what else? none? that’s how good this lens is, I guess.

The EF75-300mm f3.5-5.6 USM IS Lens

  • has IS (Image Stabilisation) … *sigh* …
  • has an additional 100mm length


  • aperture changes from 3.5 to 5.6
  • NOT an L Lens
  • front element rotates!
  • front element extends outwards!

So I guess the main emphasis counts the most, right? Despite the pros and cons of the above. My emphasis on getting a professional lens is IQ (Image Quality). My new lens may not have IS or an additional 100mm length, but hey it’s nothing a monopod and a 1.4x extender can’t solve.

Nothing is wrong with both lenses, but I’ve read enough reviews on them to know that, if you can afford, always get the better item! (even if it may not have everything)

Hehehe… now I feel better.

Dedication to Posting Blogs

Okay… for the final time, I’ve got to get more dedicated at posting in my blogs. Everyone else seems to have very cool ones with lots of information and juicy details. But, then again guys don’t gossip as much, right? Ok ok… it’s not about gossiping. I’m just your friendly fellow blogger who just happen to love photography, so I guess my blog should have lots of pictures in it.

Bird Photography

Took my 70-200mm f4 L for a test run at the Bird Park on Saturday (Well, that was before the rain came). I must say, it gave a whole new meaning to this sort of photography compared to when I first had the 55-200mm amateur lens.

Here is the gallery of images : CLICK HERE