Thank Goodness It’s Friday!


Thanks goodness it’s Friday!

Well, it had been a really uneventful week. It gets really dead boring when there is not much to do at work. It’s quite worrying too considering there hadn’t been any confirmed jobs.

My directors are worried that it may be because of this new office that we are in. Feng Shui no good or something like that. I never believed in it but lately, after 4 months of draught, I am beginning to wonder whether it may have something to do with it. Damn…

Perhaps we need to move, but even that is quite unlikely. At least anytime soon. Cause it took quite a lot to move here. We’ve settled in comfortably. It’s the lack of jobs that is the problem at the moment.

Well, what can I say except for, it’s another week of rest. Let’s hope next week picks up. It’s not like I am asking to get so busy, but rather work helps the time to move faster. Besides, it would help to be working on something that ends in some kind of result. Nothing like that to keep the adenaline pumping!